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我们的电子烟业务存在这样一种情况:我们所有的客户都是品牌:Chillmist。 5年以上电子烟品牌推广经验、OEM/ODM经验,我们的产品包括一次性电子烟、换弹式电子烟、CBD、草本喷雾器。 Chillmist致力于使用更先进的技术为吸烟者提供危害更小、体验更好的产品。为了满足不同人群的需求,Chillmist推出了40多种口味的一次性电子烟,如原始烟草、冰薄荷、绿豆冰沙、甜荔枝、热带芒果、能量牛、热带水果、蓝莓李子、西瓜冰等... ...甚至在日本大受欢迎的零尼古丁电子烟。 Chillmist旨在建立一个标准化的管理体系、专业的生产和服务团队,以满足客户多样化的需求。我们将继续竭尽所能,与世界各地的客户共同发展。 Chillmist 品牌电子烟盛誉全球,深受当地客户的欢迎。Chillmist致力于为客户和经销商创造价值。Chillmist也深受吸烟者的喜爱,从不辜负他们的期望。尽管他们可能都不同,但他们有一个共同点——他们与我们一起工作,一起分享科技带来的愉悦和快感。 在电子烟行业中,我们确切地知道什么对您和消费者是重要的。我们希望看到你成功,我们为英雄而工作。 欢迎成为Chillmist批发商/分销商/代理商。 同时,我们也乐意为全球各大电子烟品牌提供OEM/ODM服务。 Our business of electronic cigarettes has a situation where - all of our customers are brand: Chillmist. Over 5 years of experience working with Vape promotion and also OEM/ODM experience, our products are including Disposable Vape, Vape Pod system, CBD Pods, Dry Herb Vaporizer. Chillmist is committed to using more advanced technology to provide smokers with products that are less harmful and have a better experience. In order to meet the needs of different groups of people, Chillmist has launched more than 200 flavors of disposable electronic cigarettes such as original tobacco, ice mint, mung bean smoothie, sweet lychee, tropical mango, energy cow, tropical fruit, blueberry plum, watermelon ice, etc... Chillmist is aimed to build a standardized management system, professional production, and service team to meet customers′ diversified demands. We will continue to do all our best to seek mutual development with customers from all over the world. Chillmist Vape is famous and well accepted by local customers. Chillmist commits to their consumer value. Chillmist is loved by smokers and never fail their expectations. Although they could be all different, they have one thing in common - they work with us. We know exactly what is important to you and consumers in the electronic cigarette industry. We want to see you succeed. We want to work for heroes. Welcome to become a Chillmist Wholesaler/Distributor/Agent.




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