It’s time to uncover the secret behind Qianmu’s good taste and beauty

E-cigarette is an electronic atomization product that imitates cigarettes. It has the same smoke, taste and feel as cigarettes. Today, e-cigarettes have been used as substitutes for cigarettes. There are hundreds of different e-cigarette brands and products on the market. , Our Qianmu is one of them, dual-brand operation, focusing on light luxury and fashion series, and at the same time taking into account the young group, launched the Qianmu Douluo series, specially created for the post-95 generation.

Figure | Qianmu Light Luxury Series Single Pole

At present, e-cigarette users are mainly male consumers. The middle-high income and middle-level management groups in first- and second-tier cities are their main consumer groups. They like luxury and value the quality of the products extremely.

On this basis, Qianmu has launched a light luxury series, which is designed for middle-class consumption upgrade and selection. The main high-quality products are manufactured by Mcwell, piano paint process, round shaft, new FEELM ceramic core, top-quality smoke oil, taste Outstanding, bring molecular level fine atomization.

Figure | Qianmu Fashion Series Single Pole

Compared with men, female users’ requirements for e-cigarettes tend to be fashionable and fashionable, and they are pursuing high-value appearance and whether they are fashionable or fashionable. In this regard, Qianmu has released a fashion series, which focuses on high-quality appearance, and is more feminine in the choice of colors. Cherry blossom powder, far-dark green, shining black, and purple sun blue are inexpensive.

Among e-cigarette users, there are some young users who pursue not only products, but also stories and feelings.

The Qianmu Douluo series is mainly to cater to young consumers. For this product, we have our own original novels, passionate fantasy, true brave people should be fearless, and move forward for their own goals. While enjoying our products, you can also feel a little bit of life and become more positive.

With the rich flavors of electronic cigarettes, young users prefer the light-tasting cartridge flavors, and flavors such as mint and fruit are highly popular. Qianmu has made great efforts in the taste of e-cigarettes. For this reason, Qianmu spends a lot of money to hire a perfumer, and refer to the analysis methods of tea, coffee, cantaloupe, lemon, etc., to continuously improve the aroma, taste, taste and other latitudes of the atomizer. Debugging, wholeheartedly bring up the best flavor of atomized bomb for users.

So far, Qianmu has fifteen flavors in total, including vanilla ice beans, rose grapes, Longjing iced tea, zero mint, nut tobacco, refreshing cola, red dates and white fungus, orange bubbles, strawberry aloe vera, pineapple bubbles, frosted watermelon, and passion passion. , Banana popsicles. As can be seen from the above picture, the main flavors of our Qianmu are mainly fruit, mint, etc. The main consideration is young users.

Picture | Qianmu Single Pack Flavor Packaging Picture

In terms of the number of cartridges, Qianmu has the difference between three packs and single packs, mainly to meet the different needs of users. Users who choose three packs can buy their favorite flavors at one time, and those who choose single packs can try it first. Then decide whether to continue buying. Above, users can see our Qianmu’s intentions, and users’ love and preference are our pursuit.

In the future, we will strive for more perfection of our products, and we will be more careful in blending and selecting flavors, so that users will be more satisfied and enjoy. Qianmu people are in action, hope that more e-cigarette users will choose us Qianmu, we will not let you down.


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