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Recently, affected by policies and negative public opinion, the e-cigarette industry as a whole has entered a downturn. In 2019, the e-cigarette industry has become an investment hotspot. With high gross profit and low threshold, you can start making money by finding an e-cigarette manufacturer, which makes onlookers excited, gearing up, and eager to try. Many well-known investment institutions are rushing to enter the market.However, with the introduction of national policies to prohibit online sales of e-cigarettes, top brands have closed stores, and niche brands have fallen. I don’t know how much, and practitioners in the entire e-cigarette industry are crying, and the industry has been hit hard. Since then, it has entered a downturn. This is the main reason. Of course, there are other secondary reasons. For example, there are many e-cigarette brands, chaos within the industry, chaotic prices, fake goods, low quality, etc.But is there really no future for e-cigarettes?the answer is negative!From an international and domestic perspective, although countries have adopted one policy after another to restrict e-cigarettes, they have not completely banned the sales and import and export of e-cigarettes. It can be seen that the e-cigarette market will exist for a long time, but with the regulation With increasing efforts, the requirements for the quality of e-cigarette products will become higher and higher, and brand companies need to continuously strengthen the research and development of compliant and reliable products to survive. At this stage, each company is fighting for marketing promotion and channel building, but in the future, the competition will be product experience, taste retention, and brand tonality. Blindly marketing promotion is not a long-term solution.
ChillMist, a cutting-edge brand in the e-cigarette industry, focuses on new consumer electronics products that integrate quality, safety, health, and fashion to reduce harm and replace cigarettes. When the e-cigarette industry as a whole is in such a downturn, ChillMist is in its president, Ms. Du Ying Under the leadership of the company, we are united to actively research and develop new products, receive professional training, plan brand strategies, and are committed to creating high-quality, high-value, and good-mouth e-cigarette products, and at the same time, we will better serve our company’s customers. Our company’s brand is promoted all over the world.picture

Figure | ChillMist employees receive trainingFrom August 30 to September 1, ChillMist’s national provincial managers gathered in Shenzhen to receive technical research and development and marketing strategy training from the headquarters. During the training, the provincial managers and employees enthusiastically asked questions. It can be seen that they are passionate about the e-cigarette industry, full of love for Qianmu, and want to have a deeper understanding of Qianmu, especially paying attention to the future development direction of Qianmu. , Brand strategy, product quality, and actively put forward their own suggestions.All the employees of Qianmu are one. All of us hope that the company will develop better and better. Everyone is shining and contributing their meager strength to Qianmu. After the meeting, all employees of the company were confident in the company’s future development direction and brand strategy. We firmly believe that under the leadership of President Du Ying, Qianmu will be able to survive the downturn of e-cigarettes and reach new heights.picture

Figure | Group photo of Qianmu employees at the company headquarters

Qianmu is a dual-brand parallel development, Qianmu light luxury, fashion series, Qianmu Douluo series, the former focuses on middle-class consumption, and the latter focuses on sinking the market and people-friendly consumption. The brand strategy development is based on consumers, and each has its own focus. Almost all consumers of e-cigarettes are included. The east side is not bright and the west side is bright. Qianmu’s future must be bright.picture

Figure | Group photo of company employees in the factoryQianmu’s products are manufactured by McWell, with safety and quality guaranteed. In addition, the company strives for excellence in flavor modulation, focusing on product experience, with only one purpose, that is, flavor retention. A good taste can open a door in the hearts of consumers, allowing consumers to recognize our products and repurchase our cartridges, which is exactly what Qianmu pursues.picturepicturepicturepicture

Figure | Photos of Qianmu employees during group building dinner

After the training and work are completed, it is naturally the time for group building and dinner. Qianmu will naturally not be missing. From the picture above, you can see how harmonious the people of Qianmu are, and everyone’s face is filled with it. A happy, happy smile shows the cohesion of our team.

Qianmu will definitely not be absent from the ranks of the future development of e-cigarettes. All of us have a common goal, which is to make the brand of Qianmu bigger and stronger, and create greater glories. At the same time, we firmly believe that under the leadership of President Ms. Du Ying Under the circumstances, the company will definitely be able to survive the downturn in the e-cigarette industry and develop better and better.

There will be times when you ride the wind and waves, and hang the sails straight to the sea.

Let us wait and see, the brilliant future of Qianmu.

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