Qianmu releases new brand “Qianmu Douluo”: original Guoman IP

The deployment of dual brands is becoming a weapon for more and more brands to enter the sinking market.

A few days ago, Qianmu announced the official launch of a dual-brand strategy to enter the sinking market with “Qianmu Douluo”. Qianmu Douluo not only differentiates from Qianmu’s mainline brand in price, the suggested retail price of 1 box of 3 atomized bombs or 1 single rod is 69, and it also adds original IP in the form of national comics. To meet the differentiated needs of entry-level users.

about that product
The main engine of the Qianmu Douluo is made of aviation aluminum, equipped with 400mAh batteries, and the mainstream Type-C charging port. According to Qianmu, Qianmu Douluo is also equipped with an intelligent control chip, which can realize fully intelligent low-voltage protection, overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and blowback protection functions, and can remind users of the status of use through breathing lights.

In terms of appearance design, Qianmu Douluo adopts the shape of water drop, and adopts dynamic water texture and soft processing on the surface of the host to achieve a better grip and touch. The first batch of color schemes sold reaches 5 colors, namely Moon Black Wind High (Black), Sakura Butterfly (Pink), Phoenix Nirvana (Orange), The Wizard of Oz (Green), and the Light of the Emperor (Silver Grey).

In terms of atomization bomb, Qianmu Douluo is made of food-grade PCTG material, and the volume of atomization liquid is 1.8ml. The data provided by Qianmu shows that with the VFly atomization technology intelligently matching the tobacco rod atomization solution, the taste of the Qianmu Douluo is increased by 28%, and the life span is increased by 86%.

For the first batch of specifications, Qianmu has 8 3% atomized bomb flavors, namely: Longjing Tianxia (Longjing), Orange Qi Yuanshen (Orange Soda), Jiangshan Beauty (Litchi), Violent Ice Spring ( Bingquan), Devil’s Blood Pomelo (Grapefruit), Grape Shaoxing (Grape), Berry You Can’t (Strawberry), Melon of the Western Regions (Watermelon).
About IP
Previously, the industry did not lack the gameplay of assigning IP to products, but most of them adopted the route of “rubbing” IP-extracting the iconic visual elements of mature IP while avoiding copyright risks. And Qianmu is one of the few brands that uses original IP.

According to Qianmu, Qianmu Douluo currently has 5 heroes, namely Vulcan, Tang Mu, Qianwu, Doudi, and Liuliluo. As for the background setting, he is an industry god (character name: Vulcan) who is making e-cigarettes in the 21st century. By chance, he traveled to the aura of Qianmu planet and became a man of comprehension, Ye Qingfeng; in order to be able to return to the real world, Continuously practicing desperately, during the period of love, hatred and hatred with Tang Mu, Qianwu, Doudi, Liuliluo and other small partners, the story of the escalation of the fight against monsters.

Qianmu believes that IP should not just stay on the picture, but continue to output content, and make the product more in-depth, meticulous, and lasting to make the IP alive and real.
About the market
Qianmu is a brand of Shenzhen Qianhe Technology Co., Ltd. It was created by Wall Street investment bank investor Du Ying. The management team is from Merrill Lynch, Softbank Group, Bank of Mitsubishi and other companies. The current product line covers bomb-changing atomized cigarettes and disposable atomized cigarettes. The products launched by the main line brand Qianmu earlier were produced by Mcwell, focusing on the direction of mid-to-high-end light luxury.

Regarding Douluo Qianmu, the founder Du Ying said that all brands are using 8.8 and 19.9 to lower the entry barrier for smokers, which is a good thing in itself. However, the quality of the low-priced rods that grab the market for short, flat and fast has indeed made sacrifices, and lacks aesthetics and concepts, so Qianmu either does not do it; to do it, it will make differentiated, cost-effective products.
In addition, Du Ying also shared Qianmu’s thinking on the route of opening a store. She said that Qianmu does not blindly expand, does not seek speed, but only seeks quality, and opens a family; for agents, it does not overwhelm the goods, does not ask for a moment, but only asks for it. Steady, get what you sell, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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