new disposable product launches | Neon glowing atomizer, to be the brightest boy in the nightclub!

Good products speak for themselves

Good products will be your voiceI don’t know if you have any impressions,This is not the first time that “I” has been exposed publicly .Last year, the customer became the most beautiful atomizer,Has always been loved by many fans and loves our products .


Figure | Qianmu Light Luxury Series

Over the past five months,

“Qianmu Experience Officer” gave me many suggestions,

With joint efforts,

Now the “I” has become better.

Thank you very much friends,

Let “I” be more confident and show everyone:

——This brand new “me”

Whenever I go to nightclubs and bars, I hope to show people in the most glamorous posture.

Under the feasting light, girls are afraid that their makeup will not be stunning and their clothes will not be beautiful

Boys are afraid that their hairstyles are not handsome, and they won’t attract girls

The most fearful thing is that I am like a shadow in the corner

Ignored by others, just like the air

Once upon a time, smoking styling relied on a lighter

Nowadays, many people choose luminous atomizers

Now, choose Qianmu Neon Luminous Atomizer

You can be in a cross

Stand out

Very comfortable inside

Sister is the most dazzling

Brother is the coolest

The fast-paced era, busy us ,
Going on an unknown journey after another,
The essence and beauty of life have been gradually forgotten,
Life is getting colder and colder. It’s time to get dry and feel the temperature of life.

Recently, ChillMist also ushered in the arrival of a new one-time luminous product. We are not only good looking, but also cool. You don’t need to think about charging or filling up the smoke oil. The super large capacity can relieve your addiction all at once. Whenever you want to enjoy the fun of e-cigarette, just take it out of your pocket or bag and you can enjoy it immediately.

Figure | Qianmu Disposable Luminous Electronic Cigarette

What do young people like?

High-value, stylish and cool, you can still use it up, no need to keep, no need to worry about it.

What does the business like?

Low cost, high profit, try not to do long-term, only do short-term, do not stock up, use up at one time, and replenish it immediately after consumption.

Good products do not necessarily sell well. More importantly, they meet the market and are liked by merchants and consumers. In view of the above two points, Ms. Du Ying, the founder of Qianmu, has studied the market in depth and finally decided to launch this new product. The light-emitting e-cigarette plus the vending machine is portable and convenient, does not occupy space, and the cost required by merchants is low. Consumers can get the product at any time by scanning the code.

Figure | Qianmu Disposable Luminous Electronic Cigarette

The product size is 19.5*111.8mm, weight 33g, battery capacity 550mah, e-liquid volume 2.8ml, normal smoking is about 800 puffs, and you can get the first 59.9, plus the quantity and reduce the price, full of sincerity, a total of five flavors, namely mint , Coke, watermelon, grapes, ice beans, the product will emit a cool neon light every time you puff.

Figure | Qianmu Disposable Luminous Electronic Cigarette

This is a difficult time. The difficulty is that even if your general concept is correct and your usual cognition is correct, it does not constitute any competitiveness. You must dig deeper and then dig deeper, dig out the essence, work hard and work hard. Only when the strength is raised can it be considered as temporary competitiveness.

Qianmu people will always work hard to research new products to provide consumers with the most convenient, most cost-effective, and most comfortable enjoyment. I hope that more and more consumers like us Qianmu, grow with us, and let us guard Your health brings you happiness.


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